Website for fancomics or not?…

I’m wondering if it’s best to make a separate website for my fancomics or not.

Btw, just made an upload to the gallery.


New Poll!

Just as the title says…

You can see it at the main site’s front page or here.
I also fixed the commissions page. For some reason, it transformed into my second comics page! o_o No idea how that happened.

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Webcomics layout?

Still wondering what’s the best format for displaying comics on webpages?…
Is it better to scroll– horizontally or vertically– or to have back/previous-> next links? Should it include Flash or not? (I’m leaning toward not.)
I’m trying to think how it would look on people’s phones… mine is a rather ghetto one, and if it works on there, I figure it should be okay for (almost) everyone, lol…

Oh well!

Ever feel like you have 3 full-time jobs?… Is that even possible? (Enough hours in the week??) lol.

The supposedly new RSS feed on my main site is not working right now (including the site where I got it from). I’m hoping that it will be okay, soon.

EDIT: I just made another RSS feed (from a new source). But it still keeps showing up as blank, haha. (I get no breaks.)

Also, why did I have a dream with APH’s Germany’s Anthem, “I Am German-Made” in the bg?…

(Slow) Coloring progress

Haha, coloring these pages is taking a lot longer than I’d expected them to!
But, I will keep on continuing on…

I saw The Brave Little Toaster earlier today. It was epic, as usual.

Here are some more in-progress pages (just because)!

I’m also drawing two additional pages to insert into this comic, but those are mostly done now… (and are in b&w)…
And then, there’s the “Nekoturr’s Realm” comic to finalize, and ahh, other comic work too…! Okay. Rest and then work, once more (with feeling)! o/

Snow Day

Today, we had a “snow day” at school… but in Minnesota?! They must’ve been surprised at the amount of snow…
However, I was able to get a lot done in this time!

Working on color pages for One-Shot!


It seemed that the gallery links weren’t working (I forgot I had disabled  hotlinking, but did it for *every* extension, instead of just saying .jpg’s or something…)

Anyway, hopefully that’s all done! Sorry for the inconvenience…

Edit: Site should be more mobile-friendly now!
Working on another comic. 😀 This one’s a surprise~