OS: 21-22- Done!

One-Shot! is finished now. :3

I hope you guys liked the story~ :3 It was quite a simple story, but it still took a lot of work. XD I liked it.
I think I’ll focus on more shorter stories for the time being. Who knows! 🙂

OS- 19-20


Um, it’s basically done after this. XD Just two more pages…
I’m having slight issues with my blogroll’s rss on my homepage, so I had to take it down for now…

Done!! (With a portion of my life, that is.)

Hey, everyone! I just passed my thesis review today, so yay!! I just need to work on the final draft of my thesis paper before I graduate next Saturday. :))

I’m very happy at the moment. Just got done playing Sonic Adventure DX for the Gamecube/Wii with my roommate. I haven’t played that game in ages, since my Dreamcast! *__* It was fun though. Sorry, this is not much of an art update?… Unless I can find something to randomly post, lol… *looks*…

Oh, I know! Want to see a super-old picture/one-page-comic from My Sweet Indulgence a long time ago?
Well, here you are! XDD…!

See the similarities for the after pics? lol…

One-Shot! pgs. 17-18

Yup, that’s all : ))

I hope you guys are enjoying the story so far.

EDIT: The gallery was acting wonky earlier, but it looks like it’s fixed now (?).
Also, thanks for the prayers, if you did any. My dad can come out of the hospital today. : ))

One-Shot pgs. 15-16 + Comics Shop

One Shot has been updated with two new pages.

Also, there is a Shop section to my site now, allowing you to get physical (and digital) copies of my comics. 🙂 Of course, there’s only One-Shot! available right now… but hopefully more, later! (And, there’s a black and white and a colored version of One-Shot! too!)

I’m sorry that the price for the colored version is so different than the black and white… at Ka-Blam, even if you only have a few pages that have colored interiors, they charge you as if your entire book is in color, which is not the case with this  story… oh well. That’s why there’s two options! XP

Installation is done for school (mostly… I still feel like I want to work on stuff, but maybe sometimes, I should leave well enough alone).
But, I need to finish my thesis for its final cut, and to prepare my speech, etc. for my review on Tuesday… wish me luck! ❤ 🙂

Almost done… with installing…

This is a continuation of the craziness from earlier this week.  Hopefully, I can show you something better/ actually post content worth posting later tomorrow (Friday) or the day after (Saturday)!!
Me and Ka-Blam.com are better friends now. 🙂

Have some old fanart!!

NKTR: “I Want To Know…”- Done?

Update for Nekoturr’s Realm: “I Want To Know…”
This concludes that portion/chapter of the story.

I’m getting close to the end of the semester, so things are a little crazy! …Please excuse me while I screen tone the rest of my pages for tomorrow…