One-Shot (finally) and Nekoturr’s Realm~!

One-Shot has finally gotten some pages up! (Only two, but, that’s progress, right?!)

Nekoturr’s Realm also has a new story up. Those other two pages might seem similar if you’ve seen my other site, but I’ve edited them some. The following pages after that will be ones that nobody has seen (online, anyways). C:

Of course, neither are done quite yet, so watch for updates on those… For the Nekoturr’s Realm one, that story actually takes place (in the story’s ‘history’) before the other stories/pages, so far, so… it might be weird to read it, at first. (But, that’s why I placed it before the others… too late if you’ve already read the others though, haha… no harm done, hopefully.);;

Enjoy! C: