One-Shot 5-6 + NKTR

Pages 5-6 are uploaded!

Also, my blog + the front page of my site updating the very same thing seems kind of… redundant? Maybe there is a way for me not to repeat myself so much… Me, and efficiency huh?… I mean, I like my blog, but how much do I need it if I’m more used to making descriptions of my uploads and such on the main pages of my website(s)? I don’t know~! But, hopefully, that will be figured out soon… (I usually treat the front page as a blog instead, it seems.)


There’s a short Nekoturr’s Realm update, too. Two more pagiesss~~

I think I’ve figured out what to do about the blog/main website page issue. XD;… Whew! AHH! I gotta hurry to my mentor’s meeting!! //>o>;;//