NKTR: TPS 14-15

More pages!


I can’t believe I forgot to post these pages…
They’re from my final thesis exhibition. I just forgot to upload them/thought I already did. XD
But, for now, here are two new pages to the Nekoturr’s Realm: Parents’ Story. πŸ™‚

Meanwhile, I am working on screentoning another comic, and submitting to comic book companies… who knew this could be so stressful?

New stories?

Just sketches~ =3=
(Graduation can make a person (i.e. me) really lazy, you know?)

Getting my inspiration back!!~
I know lots of people want me to continue Trunks’ Date (the fancomic I’ve been working on), but I want to make sure I’m not ignoring my original stories either. That needs to be first, I think…
So, there ya go. πŸ˜› More stuff to come soon, I hope~!
(Can you read my handwriting? haha)


About to head out for graduation today! I need to draw more, lol. I’m been writing, but sketching at the same time can be helpful too~
I will miss Minneapolis.

This is just a random ‘update’ (if you can even call it that)!

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