Seems like there’s always one thing after another…

Anywho, I’m working on some more comics and other art, but a lot of it is commissions, and sort of old stuff that I’m just now finishing up. So… there’s not really any updates. 😦 But, I should be free-er in December… Keyword: “Should.”

But, life, in general is good. I can’t complain much. I have a job; I have a place to live; I have clothes and food to live on, so… the only thing now is just to improve on my situation, and reach my goals– spiritually and in my art work (i.e. getting a comics job). But that will take time, so…! In the meantime, no complaining. 🙂 ‘Cause you can only either do better and change your situation or just accept it and don’t say anything about it. 😛