Yes, yes, and yes.

P.P.S. I made a journal on DA.

Perhaps having an “Act Two” problem (like I mentioned in the journal) is akin to liking someone superficially?… Once you get into a relationship with that person, and you begin to lose that initial steam, you need ‘something else’ in order for you to stay. It may have something to do with their charm, their spirituality, their personality (I hope so), but it’s definitely something deeper than just their looks or their initial character. I think the same thing has to be done with our stories. We have to make sure we’ve loving it and working on it for the right reasons.

I’ve also learned the benefit out outlining… helps you see why you’re doing the story in the first place… 🙂

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Okay… for real, almost done…

Okay, we’re at the one-month-later deadline that I gave myself, but I’m still not done with the book yet…:0


Here is another update. This picture is basically finished, btw.

I just need to finish up the last third of the book and that should be all!… Hopefully, lol. (Give me another… two weeks!!)
Been working on Trunks’ Date too! But… sparingly, lol. (Better than none at all though, right?)
I seriously need to work on my writing and comic submissions though… wish me luck!