“Targeting Israeli Apartheid: A BDS Handbook” with Sean Michael Wilson and Corporate Watch (and me!)

Kind of old news, but I’d just been able to find the link on their site! I did a comic with Seán Michael Wilson and Corporate Watch a longggg time ago (well, 2010-2011, but still) about Palestine.

Check it out! (It’s free online. :))

If you download the pdf., the comic can be found at the following pages:
PDF Page #/ Actual Book Page #- Title
46/32- Fruits of Apartheid
134/120- The Wall Against the Bedouin
145/159- Bil’in
285/271- The National Jewish Fund
357/343- Boycott Divestment and Sanctions

I remember being super-excited for this project, but I was finishing up school at the same time, so it was a bit hard to keep up with deadlines, lol. Hopefully, next time will be better!

Also, a page is featured here too…:

I just thought it was cool! >3<