Marihara- Lei in the Ocean (colored)

Marihara, from my “Nekoturr’s Realm” story. (Will I ever really start drawing it?) Actually, I’m just trying to build/update my portfolio a bit…

Inked version is in the last post or here on DA. Colored version is also on DA.


The Hitchhiker; New comics layout…

I’m trying out new layouts in how to read my comics, online.

Recently, my old story, “The Hitchhiker” has been moved to the new format. But, does it make it easier to read than all of the scrolling?… This particular ComicCMS php program is rather nice, but it just takes foreverrrr (and a half) to upload all of the images. I’d like something more automatic, but… (maybe I shouldn’t be so picky?) It’s nice for now, however. I may change all of my comics into this format, but… I have a lot of comic pages, lol. So, I may find something else that’s more ‘efficient’, later. In the meantime, enjoy (?)!