Update: Good (and bad) news

Looks like I'll be published by these guys: http://www.limemediahawaii.com/ 😀 (Yay, I'm mentioned on the front page-- it's official! lols.) It'll be my "Mystery of the Black Water" story. 😀 So, I hope you guys like it! ^3^ Won't be till next year though... lols. I'll keep ya posted! Here's another character from that story-- Elfanzo-- … Continue reading Update: Good (and bad) news

Hey Arnold!- The Jungle Movie “Cover”

New HA! pic! Also submitted to DA. Description: "La la... ♪ I was going to use this for the cover of my TJM comic looonggg ago, but I never finished it (till now). Sorry, not the comic, but the "cover" lol (for the non-existent comic... well, except a couple of pages, lol). --> http://genaminna.deviantart.com/gallery/72463#/d1av2nw http://genaminna.deviantart.com/gallery/72463#/d1m2pnzContinue reading Hey Arnold!- The Jungle Movie “Cover”