New Images

Here are some of the new images in the gallery:


I am working on the coloring of the Pokémon picture.

Update: Good (and bad) news

Looks like I’ll be published by these guys: 😀 (Yay, I’m mentioned on the front page– it’s official! lols.) It’ll be my “Mystery of the Black Water” story. 😀 So, I hope you guys like it! ^3^ Won’t be till next year though… lols. I’ll keep ya posted!

Here’s another character from that story– Elfanzo– to celebrate!

Also, my site keeps having “issues”… Sorry for any disturbances. I’m currently re-uploading my Gallery to a different server, too, so that may be down for a while… You can still visit the old one, though.

Hey Arnold!- The Jungle Movie “Cover”

New HA! pic! Also submitted to DA.


“La la… ♪

I was going to use this for the cover of my TJM comic looonggg ago, but I never finished it (till now). Sorry, not the comic, but the “cover” lol (for the non-existent comic… well, except a couple of pages, lol). –>
I’d rather have the real thing!

Here’s an alternate version without the bg characters…

(Yeah, I dunno where Lila and the rest of the classmates are, lol.) ♪ What’s with me and submitting “old” art nowadays? (Started a long time ago, and just finishing up this current year…?) Is this an exercise in ‘Finishing what I start?’…

Hey Arnold! was created by Craig Bartlett. 🙂

P.S. Keep on praying that we get The REAL Jungle Movie!!
HA! Save TJM FB page: