Hey Arnold!- The Jungle Movie “Cover”

New HA! pic! Also submitted to DA.


“La la… ♪

I was going to use this for the cover of my TJM comic looonggg ago, but I never finished it (till now). Sorry, not the comic, but the “cover” lol (for the non-existent comic… well, except a couple of pages, lol). –>
I’d rather have the real thing!

Here’s an alternate version without the bg characters… http://genaminna.deviantart.com/gallery/?catpath=scraps#/d5gn7ij

(Yeah, I dunno where Lila and the rest of the classmates are, lol.) ♪ What’s with me and submitting “old” art nowadays? (Started a long time ago, and just finishing up this current year…?) Is this an exercise in ‘Finishing what I start?’…

Hey Arnold! was created by Craig Bartlett. 🙂

P.S. Keep on praying that we get The REAL Jungle Movie!!
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