Finished Pokemon pic + Thanks!


Finished pic is finished!

Also, I just wanted to thank all of my watchers, whether it’s on DeviantArt, Facebook, or just my blog/website. Thanks so much!! And thank you for putting up with my lack of updates, non-perfect art, and random love for random series’ (and other obscure stuff). Thank you! I’ll keep trying to do my best! ❤ (Well, ‘my best’ may look just ‘halfway-decent’ to you, lols.) I don’t really say thank you enough though. Sorry about that.

I try not to let page views or the number of watchers to affect/bother me too much (whereas striving for popularity negatively affects me), but it doesn’t mean I can’t say thanks for what I’ve already got. So, here’s a big “arigatou” from me to you~! 🙂 ❤ ((Oh, snap. I have to get up for church tomorrow… *has to sleep xD*))

I need to get back into doing my original art more (as opposed to fanart). Doesn’t mean I won’t ever do it (after all, I still have a lot of unfinished projects), but I just need to make it more balanced… We’ll see!~ I mean… I am kind of always doing it, but I feel bad that I don’t submit a lot of them because they are intended for publishing, and I don’t think you’re supposed to show (publicly) what you’re submitting to companies and stuff… but if I get rejected, I’ll be glad to show you, lol (hopefully, that happens as less as possible, though! XD). I’ll at least try to do little short comics or illustrations (of my originals), at least…… 🙂 Anyway, gute nacht! ❤