Finally done with my submission!!

PHEW! I'm finally done submitting my comic for the contest I was entering in Japan... I hope it went through okay... I hope they like it!! And well... if they don't, at least I can say that I tried my best... But I will keep hoping/praying that they do, LOL. Anywho, that has been my … Continue reading Finally done with my submission!!

Cover of ‘Sense’ (in progress) + fav movies!

Here's the in-progress cover for 'Sense!' It's taking forever though. (Oh my gosh-- my Photoshop file says I created it in Dec 2010?!?!?! Too freakishly long! lol) I didn't realize it was that long, lol! Wow, I really need to get it done and out of the way! It's actually colored more than this; I … Continue reading Cover of ‘Sense’ (in progress) + fav movies!

Baggage cover sketch…! Plus… other stuff…/vague

Here's a sketch for the cover of "Baggage" (but I'm not submitting the cover for the contest; it's just for my personal purposes, LOL.) I'll have to finish it after I finish and submit the other pages though >< Also, I suck, and didn't realize that they wanted it to read right-to-left (preferably), hahaha... >_<; … Continue reading Baggage cover sketch…! Plus… other stuff…/vague

Contest entries + What I’ve been working on…

Hola! So, for the past two months, I've been working on this manga contest entry... It's almost due, so I'm kind of in the crunch time now, and need to get it done! It's about 16 pages, plus the 'cover' (but I don't think submitting the cover is necessary... at least I hope not, rofls). … Continue reading Contest entries + What I’ve been working on…