Nekoturr’s Realm Title picture


Here’s a new title pic (to go with the many other illustrations of this story, lol)!

Since doing “My Sweet Indulgence”, I really had no ‘experience’ doing any title pictures… just illustrations (they are a bit different to me!). Even so, I was not great at illustrating, itself, lol (am I now? =_=). But thanks to my friends on DA, I was able to learn a lot about it….~ So, here’s one to you!

Also, this is old art (again– surprise, surprise! lol). Well, it started out super-old, but I edited/tweaked it to make it look how it is now. I’m just tired of seeing these half-done images on my computer! I have to finish what I start, here…

I am looking for a new gallery script for my comics, but I may have to tweak that (html/php) too, since I don’t see exactly what I want out there yet… oh well.
Never-ending battle for gallery stuff! 😛