Hey Arnold! fanart + Treasure Planet


New pic!

Description from DA:
“Or: “Take a picture; it’ll last longer.”…I dunno about the colors. They just… happened, lol. (So, don’t ask.)
I didn’t used to ship them till I thought about it, and was like… ‘yeah… that could work…’I kind of like this (imaginary) couple!They’re:
– both from the country (and kind of poor…?)
– nice, polite people
– have a hidden rebellious side
– have the same color scheme (green) lolz(Also, he kind of obviously likes her… well, he blatantly states it, lol.)
Plus, they’re cute together (??) So, whatever.

**Maybe spoilers?…**
Also, I saw “Treasure Planet” a couple of days ago (for the first time… I’m late, I know… Netflix-ing it up here). It was cool though… except for the slightly cliché ‘bad guy’ theme of ‘pretending to be your friend, then having a change of heart in the middle and really becoming your friend, but are still on the other bad guy side; then you find out and feel betrayed.’ Yup, that kind of theme, lolz. But, it was fine… I like their little future-inventions of things! Kinda reminded me of my story, Nekoturr’s Realm… (in a good or bad way though, Gena?) Anywho!! Check ya later! 🙂