Pepper Ann- Much Too Cool for 7th Grade (my style)


Here’s the Pepper Ann fanart that I promised!

Description from DA:

“Yeahhhh!! So, I’ve been on a major Pepper Ann kick within the last week, and boy, has it hit me hard! It’s probably one of my fav American cartoons next to Hey Arnold!. But it will never take that #1 spot that HA! has in my heart, haha 😛 It’s still majorly good though, despite that my ship of Pepper Ann/Milo is a tragic, star-crossed and ill-fated one, LOL. …And for some reason, I kept hearing “Don’t Let Go” by En Vogue during random times in thinking about/drawing the show/ this pic! lol (No… I’m not unconsciously/subliminally shipping anyone; nosiree!)

It’s not on DVD yet (unfortunately…), but you can find them on Youtube.

My fav eps (so far; I haven’t re-watched the whole series yet):
“In Support Of”, “T.G.I.F.”, “A Valentine’s Day Tune”, “Manly Milo”, “Megablades of Grass”, “Complimentary Colors, “Unicycle of Life” and “You Oughta Be In Musicals!”
(That’s a lot, huh? lol, well, all of them are good!)

Anyways, go watch it! ❤
Also, I’m a total dork, because I bought Kathleen Wilhoite’s CD (the voice actress for Pepper Ann) because it sounds like P.A. is singing it herself, rofls (but she can sing good too! lol)!…… *totaldorkbutIdon’tcare* 😀 :)”