Karina sketch pic; also, Happy Father’s Day!!


Karina sketch!

Actually, I need to work on A LOT more things, and I’m frankly sick of having so many unfinished stories!! I have to work on them one at a time…  have to do more –not only– concept arts and sketches but scripts and actual full summaries too. It won’t mean anything if I make a million ‘ideas’, and never get any out to publishers as actual, full stories, what does it all mean? What was that all for then?? Anyhow, just have to discipline myself better. XD
Hope you didn’t mind my brain-‘splosion. >_> (That’s essentially what it was… lol.)

I also just realized that I can’t ink (properly… with fun included, lol) digitally XD. I can color all right on it, but being so accurate on it makes… er… my hands and eyes hurt, lol. I just can’t get the same kind of technique as I can while drawing physically…. oh well. I really tried on that Karina pic XD. Well, I think it’s okay in increments or not-as-detailed pics, but yeah… that’s just me, though! 😮
(Though, it would save me so much paper if I could do it all digitally T_T lol, haha…)

On another note, I want Manga Studio 5 EX already! :U


Jesus painting


I did this for our Singles’ Ministry leader and his wife who are leaving for Jamaica. 😦 They seemed to really like it! But it was kind of a rush job (did it in like 3-4 hours or so), but I think it’s okay considering where it started, LOL (it was REALLY shoddy, lolz). Done in acrylics! (Well, mostly… first, I tried it in what I thought were “pastels”, but turned out to be more like crayons -_- LOL, again… shoddy.)

It’s kind of a combination of these two pics: http://missionventureministries.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/9-jesus-praying-web.jpg

Business… planning…

Hello! I have some links for you all!

Here’s where you can buy “One-Shot!” on emanga.com: https://www.emanga.com/detail?itemid=1190

Also, the 20-page  comic I did with Sean Michael Wilson is compiled with his other comic works in a huge 220 page book– and only for $2.99! Check it out if you can!
Located here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00D83YBNS
Our part is on pages 42-62. ^^

I want to work on another two comics– one for a contest/regular submission, and one as a normal submission for serialization. But… it’s actually one that I did already! I need to revamp/rewrite it though (probably will redraw it too). Actually… it might be three comics… we’ll see, lol. Orz… will be busy! I’ll try to find something to actually post though!