Trunks’ Date- Page 259


I know you haven’t seen this many consecutive updates for this comic in forever. XD (We’ll see how long this lasts…lol)
Vegeta and Bulma are onto it!!… (Or at least Vegeta is…|||; )

A Random Helga Thing– ‘Keep it moving, Bucko!’


(A Teenager version, obviously…)
((I haven’t done HA! fanart in a long time…))

Random Girl, Blood Moon, and SNOW?!


Oohh, new pic!~ It’s a… random girl for practice, lol. Still need my lines!!

Also, there is supposed to be a blood moon tonight. But, alas, there’s snow and clouds… (maybe it’ll clear up by 3am though).
Speaking of snow: what the heck, weather?!! It was 70 degrees earlier today… -_- But that’s typical for the Midwestern states, lol. Crazy weather…

So, yeah, I’m been trying different styles in my coloring (and drawing a bit too), but I realize that the best person to be/imitate is yourself (and God too, in terms of character). But everyone has their own style, their own “something they’re good at.” We should just focus on building our strengths with that, and not worry about the rest. There is at least one thing that can make us unique or “known for”. either in our art or otherwise. So, just work on finding your “special brand of something!” πŸ™‚


“Baggage” Cover


Here’s a new pic! πŸ™‚

Well, this is just the cover page for my comic, “Baggage” that I did about a year ago for the 2013 Silent Manga competition…
Wow, an actual W.i.p. that I completed! Haha. The unfinished version is here. As you can see, it’s dated last year… lols…

By the way, I’m trying to get better in my writing too; been reading books, listening to podcasts about writing (for comics, and in general), and the like. I wonder if creators with long stories ever write (not just outline) out their whole story before beginning to draw it? Inquiring minds (namely me) want to know…

In random news, I went to a TLC concert recently. It was rather cool. (Too bad I never got to see them perform with Left Eye long ago… sigh.) I couldn’t exactly sing to all of their songs though. XD (Not because I didn’t know them… but after becoming a disciple… you know…)

Which brings me to my other thought/conundrum… I can’t finish as many stories that I started before [I got baptized] ‘as planned’, since they are either: 1.) Too perverted/dirty, or too otherwise promoting something trifling. If there is some way I can twist it around where it doesn’t promote as trifling behavior, then I will try and change the story a bit, but… there are certain ones which are blatantly obvious that I couldn’t finish in good conscience.

For example, I made a Gohan and Videl fic long ago which shall not be named… but I cannot finish that in good conscience… sorry! (I was thinking, if I’m married, would it be so bad to think the thoughts? But that is basically inviting other unmarried people too to think these thoughts, and arghhh, it’s about another “person” anyway, and…! Too complicated.)
I am trying to find a way to change/write “Trunks’ Date” a bit where it won’t be so full of perverted stuff (the original idea wasn’t SO bad, but it did include some… eh… “suggestive” scenes that I don’t want to draw out now). So… we’ll see where that goes…!

Been totally gone…!

Hey, guys!

Yeah, I’ve been totally gone for the past two months or so– working on my comic entry for the 2014 Silent Manga Contest– but it’s finally over now!

Was officially done the night of the 31st, but it’s been so consumed with my life up till now, so now that it’s over, I’m not pretty sure on what to do with myself, haha.
Though, throughout the year, I’ve realized that I need more practice in my drawings/art/stories in order to become a fully sufficient comic artist (like, one who is not intimidated by crazy deadlines…). So… I need to find some kind of comic project that will help me practice more.

Anyhow, just letting you know that I’m not dead, haha! (Mostly. XD I’ve feel like I’ve never drawn so much in one weekend (but I probably have, lol) -_-;; )

I don’t know if we’re allowed to show the whole thing, so I’ll just show you the first page for now… πŸ™‚ (After all, I’ve gotta show you guys something since I’ve been gone so many months >.>)

(The title is, “He Will Wipe Every Tear From Their Eyes”)

Also, I’ve realized that the more I post half-done stuff, the less I feel inclined to finish them. (Lol.) So, I think I’m only going to show finished stuff for a while… gives me more of an incentive to finish them… ya know? At least, that’s the theory, so we’ll see! lol πŸ™‚
See ya guys~! .o./