How ya livin’?

Hey, everyone! I've made some small changes to the main site (titles and icons-- and of course, this blog page is completely different lol). 🙂 Might as well with this pandemic, amirite? I hope you all are getting the proper rest and resources that you can. Stay healthy, okay? I'm learning my fair share of … Continue reading How ya livin’?

“New” site design!

Heya! If you haven't visited my site,, recently, I've updated it a bit. 🙂 Still need to fix some outdated links and such, but that'll be done in due time. Also need to update my portfolio/gallery, lol. But hope you like it, so far! 💓 (It's not that much of a difference, tbh. Haha) … Continue reading “New” site design!

Aladdin, the (live action) movie (“Review?”)

Warning: Salty review. Possible spoilers ahead. I don't typically do movie reviews, but since "Aladdin" (the Disney cartoon version) is my favorite classic Disney movie (fav. non-classic being "A Goofy Movie"), I just felt like I had to say something. (But, I also felt like I was being harshly judging this movie, since I kept … Continue reading Aladdin, the (live action) movie (“Review?”)

Things are changing

What's up!? I've changed the format of the site's galley lately, and updated it with some new arts. (Also, got a new scanner! 💗🙌🎵) Not entirely sure of the direction my next comic should be in 🤔 So, mostly just practicing for now. Enjoy!