Thar she blows…!

Hey again! (There goes another 'hiatus'/long break in between posts!) During this almost-past year, I've discovered that God allows certain thing to happen for a reason. I am still discovering the reason 'why' on so many things, but in the meantime, I get constantly reassured to just keep on pressing on, and to see the … Continue reading Thar she blows…!

Happy New Year! +11 pgs. of NKTR!

Heya, guys! Trying something new in 2016; I mean, doing more original stuff. Nekoturr's Realm: The Prelude! (pts. 1&2) Well, some of this was posted beforehand (in 2015 and beyond, lol), but I adjusted the story in the  meantime, and re-edited/redrew some pages (to make it more like the version I made in High … Continue reading Happy New Year! +11 pgs. of NKTR!