“Baggage” Cover


Here’s a new pic! 🙂

Well, this is just the cover page for my comic, “Baggage” that I did about a year ago for the 2013 Silent Manga competition…
Wow, an actual W.i.p. that I completed! Haha. The unfinished version is here. As you can see, it’s dated last year… lols…

By the way, I’m trying to get better in my writing too; been reading books, listening to podcasts about writing (for comics, and in general), and the like. I wonder if creators with long stories ever write (not just outline) out their whole story before beginning to draw it? Inquiring minds (namely me) want to know…

In random news, I went to a TLC concert recently. It was rather cool. (Too bad I never got to see them perform with Left Eye long ago… sigh.) I couldn’t exactly sing to all of their songs though. XD (Not because I didn’t know them… but after becoming a disciple… you know…)

Which brings me to my other thought/conundrum… I can’t finish as many stories that I started before [I got baptized] ‘as planned’, since they are either: 1.) Too perverted/dirty, or too otherwise promoting something trifling. If there is some way I can twist it around where it doesn’t promote as trifling behavior, then I will try and change the story a bit, but… there are certain ones which are blatantly obvious that I couldn’t finish in good conscience.

For example, I made a Gohan and Videl fic long ago which shall not be named… but I cannot finish that in good conscience… sorry! (I was thinking, if I’m married, would it be so bad to think the thoughts? But that is basically inviting other unmarried people too to think these thoughts, and arghhh, it’s about another “person” anyway, and…! Too complicated.)
I am trying to find a way to change/write “Trunks’ Date” a bit where it won’t be so full of perverted stuff (the original idea wasn’t SO bad, but it did include some… eh… “suggestive” scenes that I don’t want to draw out now). So… we’ll see where that goes…!

3 pics and movies/shows!

Emiruchan-Saiya-and-Bra Warrioroji--Gohan-and-Brolly RukiiMataTrevorpointw

Here’s the pics!

Now about the movies/shows!

I was rather giddy after discovering that “The Magic School Bus” was on netflix now… lol (yes, I loved it as a kid!)
With my niece and nephew, we’ve almost watched the whole series now! Aw… to be a kid again. (It is a bit cornier than I remember, but, hey; it’s still awesome!!… I wonder what happened to their voice actors.actresses?…
P.S. If you ever want to read something very stupid, check out my Magic School Bus story/comic XDDD “Ten Years Later”, LOL.
One of my first fandoms, as you can see… ._. (my other was Pokémon, in middle school… :^o )
I still ship Mr. Seedplot and Ms. Frizzle. 😮 Oh yeah, bby. (LOL… moving on.)

Just started watching the “Boys Over Flowers” Korean Drama… It’s… interesting… I’m glad they included the ‘important parts’ to the story, but they sure did change a lot… Guess I’m comparing it to the manga too much?… I can hardly compare it to the Japanese drama since it’s been forever since I’ve seen it… but yeah. 😮 lol.

I also saw “The Prince of Egypt” recently! It was really good! Why didn’t you guys warn me on how emotional it was? (/hicsob) lol, well, despite the historical/Biblical inaccuracies… it was still pretty good!! I cried a bunch of times, but not at the end…XD Hmm…

Another movie I saw was the TLC movie… I do love TLC! ._. It was very sad… another movie I was an emotional mess over… I also ordered the Left-Eye DVD about her journeys in Honduras. Gah, I’m gonna definitely cry when I watch that too… D:

Oh, besides watching stuff, I’ve also drawn a bunch too XD But I can’t show ya, of course… (at least, not right now…) They’re for The Hawaii Star Manga Project… Which is supposed to come out sometime in 2014!… But I’m trying to get a head start XD (Don’t wanna overwhelm myself too much.) Plus, I have a lot more giftarts, commissions and fanmangas to get to finishing!
I’m wondering if I should redo one of my old comics again?… Maybe the NKTR prelude thingie? (But how many times have I rewritten it already? =_= lol (lots of times.) Anyways…. that’s another story, lols.)

I think that’s all, so far. =_= lol… (Worth mentioning, at least) Catch ya laters! 🙂

Nekoturr’s Realm Title picture


Here’s a new title pic (to go with the many other illustrations of this story, lol)!

Since doing “My Sweet Indulgence”, I really had no ‘experience’ doing any title pictures… just illustrations (they are a bit different to me!). Even so, I was not great at illustrating, itself, lol (am I now? =_=). But thanks to my friends on DA, I was able to learn a lot about it….~ So, here’s one to you!

Also, this is old art (again– surprise, surprise! lol). Well, it started out super-old, but I edited/tweaked it to make it look how it is now. I’m just tired of seeing these half-done images on my computer! I have to finish what I start, here…

I am looking for a new gallery script for my comics, but I may have to tweak that (html/php) too, since I don’t see exactly what I want out there yet… oh well.
Never-ending battle for gallery stuff! 😛

Baggage cover sketch…! Plus… other stuff…/vague


Here’s a sketch for the cover of “Baggage” (but I’m not submitting the cover for the contest; it’s just for my personal purposes, LOL.) I’ll have to finish it after I finish and submit the other pages though >< Also, I suck, and didn’t realize that they wanted it to read right-to-left (preferably), hahaha… >_<; So, there goes me fixing things so it looks right the other way around too… doi. (Should have known that though.) Plus, I have to fix the page dimensions and all of that too, lol. Oy. Anywhoo, I had a reallly random but super-kewl dream that I hope I can make into a comic one day! (Hopefully, not a super-long one… but movie-long sized.) Have to do some, er… tweaking though, so that it makes sense (and doesn’t cross illegal boundaries XD).

In other news…

I cannot stop watching this video/listening to this song.

Yup, I’m a total dork. XD

P.S. Go watch Wreck-It Ralph! 😛 (and if you have already, watch it again, lol) 🙂

Dichotomies + Rukii cover sketch


New sketch! (Well, sort of new… Which (oddly)  semi-relates to what I am talking about below…)
Btw, he’ll have a shirt on in the final version. 😛 This is just for anatomic purposes…

“All a person’s ways seem pure to them, but motives are weighed by the Lord.” ~Proverbs 16:2
“Everyone is necessarily the hero of his own life story.” ~John Barth

In stories, villains (if done right) believe that what they are doing is right, and that they are perfectly justified. Sound familiar? It happens all around this world too. Essentially, we have the ability to become either ‘good’ or ‘bad’, since we are all protagonists of our own stories. Who would pursue something that they knowingly knew was “bad?” We all mentally persuade ourselves that we are doing what is right for ourselves. When we are facing a difficult decision and have cognitive dissonance, whereas, we do something that doesn’t fit into our core beliefs, we rationalize our actions away (a.k.a. fool ourselves) into further believing that what we are doing is okay. (Not all of the time, but it happens.) But for every action there is a reaction and every negative has a positive. Even if you don’t believe in good and evil (that nothing is good or evil, except what we put labels on), it remains that– in this world– we exist in a place of dichotomies; of differences, of opposites. So, let’s all be mindful of how we are affecting others. If the villain in a story never sees him/her/itself as being “evil”, let’s be careful with our own thinking as well. (We don’t want to end up as someone’s ‘villain’… at least, intentionally… we will probably always be someone’s antagonist though) At least let’s stop lying to ourselves about what actions fit with our belief systems. Is it easier to change our actions or change our beliefs to fit with our actions?

“The only reason for being a professional writer is that you can’t help it.”

“A writer writes not because he is educated but because he is driven by the need to communicate. Behind the need to communicate is the need to share. Behind the need to share is the need to be understood.”

“You can understand and relate to most people better if you look at them — no matter how old or impressive they may be — as if they are children. For most of us never really grow up or mature all that much — we simply grow taller. O, to be sure, we laugh less and play less and wear uncomfortable disguises like adults, but beneath the costume is the child we always are, whose needs are simple, whose daily life is still best described by fairy tales.”

~Leo Rosten