“Baggage” Cover

Here's a new pic! 🙂 Well, this is just the cover page for my comic, "Baggage" that I did about a year ago for the 2013 Silent Manga competition... Wow, an actual W.i.p. that I completed! Haha. The unfinished version is here. As you can see, it's dated last year... lols... By the way, I'm … Continue reading “Baggage” Cover

3 pics and movies/shows!

Here's the pics! Now about the movies/shows! I was rather giddy after discovering that "The Magic School Bus" was on netflix now... lol (yes, I loved it as a kid!) With my niece and nephew, we've almost watched the whole series now! Aw... to be a kid again. (It is a bit cornier than I … Continue reading 3 pics and movies/shows!

Baggage cover sketch…! Plus… other stuff…/vague

Here's a sketch for the cover of "Baggage" (but I'm not submitting the cover for the contest; it's just for my personal purposes, LOL.) I'll have to finish it after I finish and submit the other pages though >< Also, I suck, and didn't realize that they wanted it to read right-to-left (preferably), hahaha... >_<; … Continue reading Baggage cover sketch…! Plus… other stuff…/vague

Dichotomies + Rukii cover sketch

New sketch! (Well, sort of new... Which (oddly)  semi-relates to what I am talking about below...) Btw, he'll have a shirt on in the final version. 😛 This is just for anatomic purposes... -- "All a person’s ways seem pure to them, but motives are weighed by the Lord." ~Proverbs 16:2 "Everyone is necessarily the … Continue reading Dichotomies + Rukii cover sketch