Finally~! Almost…

I’m *finally* almost done with my colored pages for One-Shot!~ Well, I finished one, but still have to finish the other…
Why does [computer] coloring take me so long?! Haha.

On a bright note, I’ve also started on a new-ish story… well, it’s in sections from the older one… Can’t post the entirety of it, yet, but here are some thumbnails!


Also, here are some secret-secret thumbnails to a certain fancomic that I’ve been neglecting…

It’s Thumbnail City!~ ❤ 🙂

Hmm …I wish I could live forever so that I could draw out all of the stories I want to draw out…
There is never enough time, is there?… Not in this life, anyway…
I will do my best with the time I have, then!

Almost done!

I probably made too many pages all at once, but… I’m almost finally done!
Just gotta screentone~

It’s Nekoturr’s Realm! 🙂 Hopefully, I can actually post this.

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Just work

Work is crazy and I have not slept well for the past few days, but I am lucky and grateful to even have a job in the first place!

I’ve finished some new comic pages, but I can’t post the whole comic until it’s all done~ Plus, I’m not sure how to distribute it, haha.

Here’s a sample of it though!

I want to work on something I can actually post, hahaha~

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It seemed that the gallery links weren’t working (I forgot I had disabled  hotlinking, but did it for *every* extension, instead of just saying .jpg’s or something…)

Anyway, hopefully that’s all done! Sorry for the inconvenience…

Edit: Site should be more mobile-friendly now!
Working on another comic. 😀 This one’s a surprise~