TD 171-172 + DBZ Games

Moooooore! Soooo glad that Dragonball Xenoverse is coming out on Steam, as I have no Next-Gen systems (unless you count my nephew and niece's Wii U, lolz)! Yay! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Between that and buying Majora's Mask and a 3DS, well... my wallet is not gonna like me very much in February! (But that's tax … Continue reading TD 171-172 + DBZ Games

Website work and Trunks’ Date

Hello, all! Just to let you know, there's gonna be some maintenance work on my website ( in the next few days/week. I am switching hosting services, but keeping the same domain url. (But the only way they could un-assign the domain as to totally cancel my account, so... lol) /too much technical jargon It's … Continue reading Website work and Trunks’ Date