Thar she blows…!

Hey again! (There goes another ‘hiatus’/long break in between posts!)

During this almost-past year, I’ve discovered that God allows certain thing to happen for a reason. I am still discovering the reason ‘why’ on so many things, but in the meantime, I get constantly reassured to just keep on pressing on, and to see the light in every seemingly dark situation.

So… it’s interesting, yes.

Anyhow, I wanted to say how I finally updated my site a bit ago, organized some things… but… now my website isn’t working! lol -___- (Off go to fix that. Maybe it’ll be fixed by the time you read this xD (maybe not, lol)) Actually, it looks like it’s just the hosting site, itself, which is down… xD Might have to just wait it out, lol.

I updated the “Comics” page with some new-ish art… My publisher for “Mystery of the Black Water” is working on getting online orders for my (and others’) comics, so I can at least make that available for you too. 🙂 Currently working on pt. 2 of that…

Still excited to see TJM (Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie)!!! 😀 😀 (Next year, 2017!!)

I may go back to work on MSI (My Sweet Indulgence)… tbh, it was supposed to be a one-time thing, long ago… but it seems that people like it, so that’s cool!

I also want to work on/rewrite NKTR (Nekoturr’s Realm– I’ve already rewritten some of it); I feel like I’ve been saying that for the longest though… actions speak louder than words tho, yess? So, I just have to build up the courage and just do it! lol. But how to make it not so cliff-hangery all of the time, and give it some resolution in between…? Still working on that… xD

Spiritually-speaking, I have a lot to work on. Me and God need some serious one-on-one time to figure my heart out. But never stop believing! He has given me so many little gifts and encouragements… it’s super cool, actually! (To see God answer prayers on even the little things; even things I haven’t really overtly prayed about, but I needed it anyway.)

God is so cool 🙂 Give Him a chance!

Again, still looking for the good in my dark situations, but as long as I don’t give up (and the temptation is really there), I know that He’ll guide me through.
I know some people have different beliefs, and that’s okay. That’s just where you are. But I believe in my God, not just because my parents believed it, or I read it out of a book, but He’s also something that I’ve experienced, first hand. I didn’t have strong faith for a while– and even now, it wavers from time to time (depending on my situation, but I need to work on that)– but once I finally ALLOWED God to change my heart, and trust in Him, I finally was ABLE to experience Him and some of his direct blessings. But without the trust, there was no way I would be feeling or knowing anything too soon. As stated before, I still have a lot to work on, but I’m hoping that God will work with me through my weaknesses. (And boy, do I have a lot of those!) Lol

Hope you guys are doing fine!! Live your life with no regrets!!

p.s. Oh!! I’m also trying to finish up, at least, the written version of Trunks’ Date. You can view it here!
p.p.s. Dragonball Super is super awesome!! lol (It’s gotten my inner, old-school-anime-fanatic self coming to life again, lol.)


Grown-up Geek– (Rhonda with glasses)


Randomly got inspired to draw a grown-up Rhonda w/glasses 😀 I think she looks cute! Funny how nowadays glasses aren’t such a big deal (at least, when you grow up).
Sketchy McSketch-sketch! 😀 (Ignore my bad lettering in the bg, lol.) Also, eyebrows?!

Random Girl, Blood Moon, and SNOW?!


Oohh, new pic!~ It’s a… random girl for practice, lol. Still need my lines!!

Also, there is supposed to be a blood moon tonight. But, alas, there’s snow and clouds… (maybe it’ll clear up by 3am though).
Speaking of snow: what the heck, weather?!! It was 70 degrees earlier today… -_- But that’s typical for the Midwestern states, lol. Crazy weather…

So, yeah, I’m been trying different styles in my coloring (and drawing a bit too), but I realize that the best person to be/imitate is yourself (and God too, in terms of character). But everyone has their own style, their own “something they’re good at.” We should just focus on building our strengths with that, and not worry about the rest. There is at least one thing that can make us unique or “known for”. either in our art or otherwise. So, just work on finding your “special brand of something!” 🙂


“Baggage” Cover


Here’s a new pic! 🙂

Well, this is just the cover page for my comic, “Baggage” that I did about a year ago for the 2013 Silent Manga competition…
Wow, an actual W.i.p. that I completed! Haha. The unfinished version is here. As you can see, it’s dated last year… lols…

By the way, I’m trying to get better in my writing too; been reading books, listening to podcasts about writing (for comics, and in general), and the like. I wonder if creators with long stories ever write (not just outline) out their whole story before beginning to draw it? Inquiring minds (namely me) want to know…

In random news, I went to a TLC concert recently. It was rather cool. (Too bad I never got to see them perform with Left Eye long ago… sigh.) I couldn’t exactly sing to all of their songs though. XD (Not because I didn’t know them… but after becoming a disciple… you know…)

Which brings me to my other thought/conundrum… I can’t finish as many stories that I started before [I got baptized] ‘as planned’, since they are either: 1.) Too perverted/dirty, or too otherwise promoting something trifling. If there is some way I can twist it around where it doesn’t promote as trifling behavior, then I will try and change the story a bit, but… there are certain ones which are blatantly obvious that I couldn’t finish in good conscience.

For example, I made a Gohan and Videl fic long ago which shall not be named… but I cannot finish that in good conscience… sorry! (I was thinking, if I’m married, would it be so bad to think the thoughts? But that is basically inviting other unmarried people too to think these thoughts, and arghhh, it’s about another “person” anyway, and…! Too complicated.)
I am trying to find a way to change/write “Trunks’ Date” a bit where it won’t be so full of perverted stuff (the original idea wasn’t SO bad, but it did include some… eh… “suggestive” scenes that I don’t want to draw out now). So… we’ll see where that goes…!

Leslie, It’s Cold Outside

(Also on DA!)

Inspired by our weather’s recent cold-ness?… Why… no way… 😛 XP
Haha, yes, well…
It’s really true that if you don’t use it, you lose it! I haven’t done a regular watercolor/ marker/ colored pencil illustration in forever! So, this is just practice! 😮 I had it in my head a completely different way, but this is how it turned out…XD Oh well… XD…
Hope you like it! 🙂

The character is from one of my stories, “Mystery of the Black Water”, hopefully to be coming sometime in 2014! Watch for it! :)…♥

“Rejection is Inevitable” and 12+ hours of reading Hana Yori Dango @_@


Just some coloring practice! 🙂

So, I’ve stayed up just about 24+ hours now… the first part was spent drawing and eating, and the second (like 5:00am-6pm– that’s an estimate… I really don’t remember how long it was, OTL…) was spent re-reading Hana Yori Dango/ Boys Over Flowers vol. 23-36 (the end). …I really need a bigger bookcase (but I just ‘inherited’ one from a friend! Arggg!) Technically… I went to bed at like 6:30 pm last night, and took a three-hour nap, and woke up at 9pm-something… I’m strange…

Anyway, while reading it (that super-addictive, but really good manga), I realized something:

If I were Japanese, I’d probably be bald by now.

Why is this? Cutting your hair is a symbol of having a fresh beginning from unrequited love/rejection or heartbreak.
Though, I know it isn’t simply a Japanese/”Asian” custom to do this, it is usually found in mangas a lot… and I’d always been told NOT to cut my hair (though I’ve thought about it often.) It would make it more manageable for sure.

Regardless, if I did believe in that, the amount of times that I would need a ‘fresh start’ from rejection would be many. However, while reading the manga over– and thinking over some things the past month-ish– I realize that rejection is inevitable, and possibly necessary for getting what you really want. I was talking to a friend last week; she wants to publish a book that she wrote (super-long… very research-based, but still fiction). She’d been working on it years and years since 2003, and finally got it done recently… but now, she is getting “Cold Feet”, you might say, about sending it to publishers. And, me– who’s been rejected dozens of times from unrequited love, to comic submissions, to other jobs/interviews, to friendship/social circles, etc.– finally thought that I could help encourage someone with all of my “rejection experience.” I think I did cheer her up though! But, it’s up to her now… I will keep cheering her on though.

I just wanted to say to everyone (who actually reads this), that I’ve found that it really is a necessary step in reaching your dreams. Now, sometimes “getting what you want” doesn’t always mean that you’re guaranteed to be happy. Happiness comes from within, not from being “successful”. But, for those of you who DO feel like you were put on this earth to fulfill a dream that will help others, you should go for it! Continue to do it until your fingers/brain/ears bleed (or whatever you use for your talents/dreams)!! Sometimes, I think maybe God is testing us to see how much we want something. But even if it’s not a test, if it’s important to you, you shouldn’t just give it up so quickly/easily!! If you love doing it, then go for it!

I realize that there are 7,000,000,000+ people in this world right now… each with their own dreams and aspirations… maybe there are hundreds of thousands wanting to get a “job” or pursuing a dream just like yours. But you are the only one able to write your own unique story… in my case, there are mannnyyyyy people who can draw and write better than I can (comics-wise)… but… that doesn’t mean that I should give up, should it? There has to be someone out there who will be able to learn and be happy and appreciate what I wrote/drew, right? I’m the only one that can tell my stories my way, and the same goes for you too.

Of course… we can’t control people’s reactions to our creations; we can only make them and hope for the best. Just try your best so that you’ll have no regrets! And make it for yourself (and God) first (if you don’t like it, how can you expect others to like it?); make it to help others, secondly. People-pleasing is the first step to failure, because you are listening to others’ dreams for you and not following your own heart or direction. Helping others doesn’t have to turn into people-pleasing though (help people to help God); sometimes you just have to be honest about certain situations for the sake of truth (but in a kind, gentle, loving way).

But you know… all of the rejection CAN be disheartening after a while… I still don’t know why I keep on trying. But what is the alternative? To lay down and die? To wait until I croak? I have to do something! So, I just wanted to say… don’t let the fear stop you! I’d like to think there is a ‘right’ (not perfect) husband and job there for me… but there are some things you just can’t force. We never get there totally on our own power, anyway. God will choose when is the best time for everything… just keep trusting and keep trying. Show them that Tsukushi Makino weed-strength!! (Read HYD to find out more xD;)