Things are changing

What’s up!? I’ve changed the format of the site’s galley lately, and updated it with some new arts. (Also, got a new scanner! 💗🙌🎵)
Not entirely sure of the direction my next comic should be in 🤔 So, mostly just practicing for now. Enjoy!

Realism pics update

Hello! Well… I’ve had a pretty “interesting” week; full of ups and downs, but trying to currently focus on the ‘ups’ more…
P.S. Did you know that in Japan, “Inside Out” (the movie) is called “Inside Head?” haha. Just random info.

Anyway! There’s been some pics added to the Realism and Others category. My website works again on AT&T wifi networks again, yay! (At least… so far, lol.) There are some other updates too, but you can see them on the main site.

I really wanna start some new comics, but I feel that I should finish what I start, concerning my original stuff. The fancomic stuff is… not included in this session; but I haven’t forgotten about them.
Just feeling rather wistful, in general, lately. I shall figure it out later. Ja ne!

Jesus painting


I did this for our Singles’ Ministry leader and his wife who are leaving for Jamaica. 😦 They seemed to really like it! But it was kind of a rush job (did it in like 3-4 hours or so), but I think it’s okay considering where it started, LOL (it was REALLY shoddy, lolz). Done in acrylics! (Well, mostly… first, I tried it in what I thought were “pastels”, but turned out to be more like crayons -_- LOL, again… shoddy.)

It’s kind of a combination of these two pics:

MSI + Gallery updates

“What would you do if you knew you could not fail?” ~Robert H. Schuller

Here are some updates:
– New “My Sweet Indulgence” banners for linking and whatnot.
– New picture in the gallery. It was originally just for watercolor practice back in undergraduate school, referenced from a picture online that I have no idea where it went… If you know the original picture, please let me know.