What if Judas never killed himself? + Pic updates

Gallery updates and such from my Instagram posts! I still have more to do though, lol.


“What if Judas never killed himself?”

I wonder: would he have repented– let his godly sorrow take over– and attempted to join their other apostles again? Would they have forgiven and accept him back?

If they (eventually) trusted someone like Paul/Saul, Judas would have stood a chance too… Right?

I wonder what kind of an apostle he’d be. He’d be known as the man who actually put Jesus to death on the cross, by betraying him– his friend. He’d be reminded day after day, and even probably be labeled a hypocrite, as to why he’s preaching about Jesus when he was up close and personal with him, and yet, still didn’t follow him. What else would it really take for someone to love Jesus? Unless he completely repented, he would still feel wordly guilt every day, while reaching out…

However… We all actually put Jesus on the cross. Jesus died for the people like Judas too… He didn’t come/die to help the “good people” (of which there are none). He came to save the halpless sinners, just like you and I– the people who can’t help but to sin even when we want to do good.

Satan entered Judas that night. But he also allowed Satan to control him. Things just had to happen that way, or we wouldn’t be who we are today. We would not have stood a chance at heaven on our own. It was still God’s plan. Judas did still have a chance to repent, however. Unfortunately, he chose the wordly sorrow route and hung himself. But I’m sure God would still had compassion on him, even after he did it (if he truly repented). Jesus even called Judas his friend during all of this.

Jesus would have forgiven Judas… If only he would have forgiven himself.

Jesus died for everyone.

15 Here is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners—of whom I am the worst. 16 But for that very reason I was shown mercy so that in me, the worst of sinners, Christ Jesus might display his immense patience as an example for those who would believe in him and receive eternal life.

– 1Ti 1:15-16

Grown-up Geek– (Rhonda with glasses)


Randomly got inspired to draw a grown-up Rhonda w/glasses 😀 I think she looks cute! Funny how nowadays glasses aren’t such a big deal (at least, when you grow up).
Sketchy McSketch-sketch! 😀 (Ignore my bad lettering in the bg, lol.) Also, eyebrows?!

Arnie and Arnold sketch (my style) — Hey Arnold!

Also on DA:
“Just thought I’d try out…
It’s summertime; they’re both eating popsicles, and Arnie’s looking at his own version of a locket, with Helga’s picture in it. XD Meanwhile, Arnold’s like, ‘What the heck are you doing, man?’…
((But maybe he’s secretly jealous…))

Karina sketch pic; also, Happy Father’s Day!!


Karina sketch!

Actually, I need to work on A LOT more things, and I’m frankly sick of having so many unfinished stories!! I have to work on them one at a time…  have to do more –not only– concept arts and sketches but scripts and actual full summaries too. It won’t mean anything if I make a million ‘ideas’, and never get any out to publishers as actual, full stories, what does it all mean? What was that all for then?? Anyhow, just have to discipline myself better. XD
Hope you didn’t mind my brain-‘splosion. >_> (That’s essentially what it was… lol.)

I also just realized that I can’t ink (properly… with fun included, lol) digitally XD. I can color all right on it, but being so accurate on it makes… er… my hands and eyes hurt, lol. I just can’t get the same kind of technique as I can while drawing physically…. oh well. I really tried on that Karina pic XD. Well, I think it’s okay in increments or not-as-detailed pics, but yeah… that’s just me, though! 😮
(Though, it would save me so much paper if I could do it all digitally T_T lol, haha…)

On another note, I want Manga Studio 5 EX already! :U