“Baggage” Cover

Here's a new pic! 🙂 Well, this is just the cover page for my comic, "Baggage" that I did about a year ago for the 2013 Silent Manga competition... Wow, an actual W.i.p. that I completed! Haha. The unfinished version is here. As you can see, it's dated last year... lols... By the way, I'm … Continue reading “Baggage” Cover

A w.i.p. (work-in-progress) and such

Hey, guys! So... I've been 'gone' for a while (in terms of internet uploading of my art) because I've been: 1. Working on projects that are supposed to be published, so I can't show them prematurely. 2. Working on W.I.P.'s in terms of story, so there's nothing much to see anyways. 3. Been really uninspired … Continue reading A w.i.p. (work-in-progress) and such

Digital Manga.com, The Hunger Games, Atlantis and new art (sorta)

I have good news! I've been accepted to publish one of my comics on Digitalmanga.com/emanga.com!! Haha, it's just "One-Shot!" though... but maybe I'll try making other stories for them; I dunno. (But I think they only want completed titles!) Speaking of 'completed titles', here's a half-done illustration for a totally un-completed title, lol. It's actually … Continue reading Digital Manga.com, The Hunger Games, Atlantis and new art (sorta)

Cover of ‘Sense’ (in progress) + fav movies!

Here's the in-progress cover for 'Sense!' It's taking forever though. (Oh my gosh-- my Photoshop file says I created it in Dec 2010?!?!?! Too freakishly long! lol) I didn't realize it was that long, lol! Wow, I really need to get it done and out of the way! It's actually colored more than this; I … Continue reading Cover of ‘Sense’ (in progress) + fav movies!