Until further notice…

My blog will be moved here…

I was thinking long-term, and since I barely keep up with things as it is, it might be better for me to move my wordpress blog to the actual wordpress site.
Last time I left it, someone hacked into my blog. :/ Not pretty~

But, hosting it on here will relieve me from having to keep up with updating the security updates, and such. (Though, I admit, I will miss the old blog’s style, and all of the customization features.) Maybe, one day, when I am less busy (yeah, right), I’ll re-open my blog at my regular rejenasmiley.com’s hosting address. Until now, sayonara, old page~ =D (jk, it’ll probably still be up for a while, lol…)

Um… an art update??

Well, here is a sketch/drawing I never quite finished…

Commissions and giftarts ahoy! Oh my!

Seems like there is a sudden rush for me to draw now… I need my colored pencils and markers! (They’re back in Detroit…)

Also, the other day, I had a dream where I sang this song:

Anyway… today was a great day. Highs and lows and all of that, but I also learned a lot and was inspired a lot, so yay! 🙂

W.I.P. again!

Must finish what I start…!

Music and art

Music is so awesome to inspire people to do art.

In the meantime, I’m trying my best to make art my main focus. No matter what job I have to keep on living, or to ‘pay the bills’, art is always my number-one priority, even if no one else acknowledges it. My art is for myself, and for God.

Here is a W.I.P.:

I need to finish what I start.