Hallo! Been a while! (+Japan trip pics!)

Hey, guys! Okay, so a lot has happened since the last time I updated on here... 🙂 (If you've kept up with my Facebook account, then you're *pretty* much caught up, but...) 1. My website is not working on AT&T networks. I am working on the issue. -_- Didn't recently know that this was causing … Continue reading Hallo! Been a while! (+Japan trip pics!)

Webcomics layout?

Still wondering what's the best format for displaying comics on webpages?... Is it better to scroll-- horizontally or vertically-- or to have back/previous-> next links? Should it include Flash or not? (I'm leaning toward not.) I'm trying to think how it would look on people's phones... mine is a rather ghetto one, and if it … Continue reading Webcomics layout?