Aladdin, the (live action) movie (“Review?”)

Warning: Salty review. Possible spoilers ahead. I don't typically do movie reviews, but since "Aladdin" (the Disney cartoon version) is my favorite classic Disney movie (fav. non-classic being "A Goofy Movie"), I just felt like I had to say something. (But, I also felt like I was being harshly judging this movie, since I kept … Continue reading Aladdin, the (live action) movie (“Review?”)

3 pics and movies/shows!

Here's the pics! Now about the movies/shows! I was rather giddy after discovering that "The Magic School Bus" was on netflix now... lol (yes, I loved it as a kid!) With my niece and nephew, we've almost watched the whole series now! Aw... to be a kid again. (It is a bit cornier than I … Continue reading 3 pics and movies/shows!

Hey Arnold! fanart + Treasure Planet

New pic! Description from DA: "Or: "Take a picture; it'll last longer."...I dunno about the colors. They just... happened, lol. (So, don't ask.) I didn't used to ship them till I thought about it, and was like... 'yeah... that could work...'I kind of like this (imaginary) couple!They're: - both from the country (and kind of … Continue reading Hey Arnold! fanart + Treasure Planet

Digital, The Hunger Games, Atlantis and new art (sorta)

I have good news! I've been accepted to publish one of my comics on!! Haha, it's just "One-Shot!" though... but maybe I'll try making other stories for them; I dunno. (But I think they only want completed titles!) Speaking of 'completed titles', here's a half-done illustration for a totally un-completed title, lol. It's actually … Continue reading Digital, The Hunger Games, Atlantis and new art (sorta)

Cover of ‘Sense’ (in progress) + fav movies!

Here's the in-progress cover for 'Sense!' It's taking forever though. (Oh my gosh-- my Photoshop file says I created it in Dec 2010?!?!?! Too freakishly long! lol) I didn't realize it was that long, lol! Wow, I really need to get it done and out of the way! It's actually colored more than this; I … Continue reading Cover of ‘Sense’ (in progress) + fav movies!