Baggage cover sketch…! Plus… other stuff…/vague


Here’s a sketch for the cover of “Baggage” (but I’m not submitting the cover for the contest; it’s just for my personal purposes, LOL.) I’ll have to finish it after I finish and submit the other pages though >< Also, I suck, and didn’t realize that they wanted it to read right-to-left (preferably), hahaha… >_<; So, there goes me fixing things so it looks right the other way around too… doi. (Should have known that though.) Plus, I have to fix the page dimensions and all of that too, lol. Oy. Anywhoo, I had a reallly random but super-kewl dream that I hope I can make into a comic one day! (Hopefully, not a super-long one… but movie-long sized.) Have to do some, er… tweaking though, so that it makes sense (and doesn’t cross illegal boundaries XD).

In other news…

I cannot stop watching this video/listening to this song.

Yup, I’m a total dork. XD

P.S. Go watch Wreck-It Ralph! πŸ˜› (and if you have already, watch it again, lol) πŸ™‚

Contest entries + What I’ve been working on…


Hola! So, for the past two months, I’ve been working on this manga contest entry… It’s almost due, so I’m kind of in the crunch time now, and need to get it done! It’s about 16 pages, plus the ‘cover’ (but I don’t think submitting the cover is necessary… at least I hope not, rofls). So, I’m sorry that I haven’t posted anything (much) worthwhile in the past month and a half-ish. Stuff always seems to go on, eh… Hopefully I can give you some comics/pics that I can actually post after this! Here’s a preview of a page I’m working on. Still need to do backgrounds and shading and stuff on it though, lol. If I lose, I’ll be sure to show you the comic though, lol. (But wish me good luck, please!) πŸ™‚

P.S. Take my Hey Arnold! Music Quiz! πŸ˜›



Keep it up!!…

I love making people happy with my art!

Also, I did not get the job that I wanted, but maybe it wasn’t meant to be… I will not give it up, though!

Somehow, I am encouraged while listening to kind of sad songs.

You don’t give up on your dreams, either! :)… Even if it seems hopeless, it’s always best when you give it your all, so you won’t have any regrets…
Sometimes, that means surrendering yourself and your “plans” to God to take care of it. We can’t tell the future, so… we can’t pretend to know how everything will work out either (including our thoughts of, ‘oh, this will never happen’/negative thoughts, etc.) Who knows! (Except God, hehe…)
Anyways, enough of this~

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Commissions and giftarts ahoy! Oh my!

Seems like there is a sudden rush for me to draw now… I need my colored pencils and markers! (They’re back in Detroit…)

Also, the other day, I had a dream where I sang this song:

Anyway… today was a great day. Highs and lows and all of that, but I also learned a lot and was inspired a lot, so yay! πŸ™‚

W.I.P. again!

Must finish what I start…!

Music and art

Music is so awesome to inspire people to do art.

In the meantime, I’m trying my best to make art my main focus. No matter what job I have to keep on living, or to ‘pay the bills’, art is always my number-one priority, even if no one else acknowledges it. My art is for myself, and for God.

Here is a W.I.P.:

I need to finish what I start.