Hey Arnold! returns! + personal goal stuff!

Yo, peoples! It's been a while. (My blog/journal seems to always have these large gaps in the middle of posting, lol.) Sry. Real life, ya know. Anyways. Life lately has been strange. A strange mix of events. For the good news (if you haven't already heard): Hey Arnold! is returning to Nickelodeon!! http://variety.com/2015/tv/news/hey-arnold-tv-movie-nickelodeon-reviving-shows-1201646666 Whooohoooo!!! (<--Honestly, … Continue reading Hey Arnold! returns! + personal goal stuff!

Realism pics update

Hello! Well... I've had a pretty "interesting" week; full of ups and downs, but trying to currently focus on the 'ups' more... P.S. Did you know that in Japan, "Inside Out" (the movie) is called "Inside Head?" haha. Just random info. Anyway! There's been some pics added to the Realism and Others category. My website … Continue reading Realism pics update

Website work and Trunks’ Date

Hello, all! Just to let you know, there's gonna be some maintenance work on my website (rejenasmiley.com) in the next few days/week. I am switching hosting services, but keeping the same domain url. (But the only way they could un-assign the domain as to totally cancel my account, so... lol) /too much technical jargon It's … Continue reading Website work and Trunks’ Date