Website Wonkyness…

Hello, all!

So… I’m thinking that I’m going to get rid of my fancomics site once and for all. I’m sorry, I know. It really sucks, I know…
But so far, all of the web-hosting sites that I’ve tried have all gone kaput, and have either died on me, or forced me to pay for space, and well, for fancomics/fanart, I’m just not willing to go that route (for something that should be free/for a hobby anyway). Therefore, I think I’ll just link my website to my DA galleries… at least until I find something better, but I have no idea if that will ever happen.

I’ll host my originals on my main site though. Just my fancomics/fanart illustrations will be (only) on DA (at least for now). I hope that’s okay with everyone?… But now, I have to find some super-old originals pics to populate my site with because all of my b&w pics from 2000-2002 are all Gohan/Videl, lols.
I guess that’s it? @_@ Time for bed.

New pages to Trunks’ Date


Just two πŸ˜€ But still, lol.
Well, I edited one of the old pages, so that’s three?? (Maybe. ^^; )

Anyway, you can read it here!

Or on DA:

Also, my gallery was acting really wonky, but it’s fixed now!

Update: Good (and bad) news

Looks like I’ll be published by these guys:Β πŸ˜€ (Yay, I’m mentioned on the front page– it’s official! lols.) It’ll be my “Mystery of the Black Water” story. πŸ˜€ So, I hope you guys like it! ^3^ Won’t be till next year though… lols. I’ll keep ya posted!

Here’s another character from that story– Elfanzo– to celebrate!

Also, my site keeps having “issues”… Sorry for any disturbances. I’m currently re-uploading my Gallery to a different server, too, so that may be down for a while… You can still visit the old one, though.

The Hitchhiker; New comics layout…

I’m trying out new layouts in how to read my comics, online.

Recently, my old story, “The Hitchhiker” has been moved to the new format. But, does it make it easier to read than all of the scrolling?… This particular ComicCMS php program is rather nice, but it just takes foreverrrr (and a half) to upload all of the images. I’d like something more automatic, but… (maybe I shouldn’t be so picky?) It’s nice for now, however. I may change all of my comics into this format, but… I have a lot of comic pages, lol. So, I may find something else that’s more ‘efficient’, later. In the meantime, enjoy (?)!

Until further notice…

My blog will be moved here…

I was thinking long-term, and since I barely keep up with things as it is, it might be better for me to move my wordpress blog to the actual wordpress site.
Last time I left it, someone hacked into my blog. :/ Not pretty~

But, hosting it on here will relieve me from having to keep up with updating the security updates, and such. (Though, I admit, I will miss the old blog’s style, and all of the customization features.) Maybe, one day, when I am less busy (yeah, right), I’ll re-open my blog at my regular’s hosting address. Until now, sayonara, old page~ =D (jk, it’ll probably still be up for a while, lol…)

Um… an art update??

Well, here is a sketch/drawing I never quite finished…