Toran pic + Some thoughts on creativity and work


This is from “My Sweet Indulgence”– the poster that’s on Teri’s wall. XD Super-old (again), so it’s in the 2008 category. 🙂

You know, I’ve realized that simply thinking about the work, mulling over about the work, and planning the time to do the work is NOT the same as actually DOING the work. I’m talking about drawing out my comics for me. I can feel like I’m making so much progress inwards, and thinking that I have so many great ideas (how egotistical of me?), but if they don’t come out, what’s the big deal about them? Are they really that good? How will my words and pictures impact people if they never come out?? After all, anyone can have an idea about almost anything, but it’s the fruition– the actual application and bringing it out into the world as how you imagined it– which is the absolute, hardest part. Why do you think people/artist have to practice for years and years and writers have to go through so many stories and drafts to get better and better? It takes a lot of work. Not imagined work. Not dreamed work. But WORK-work, lol.

So, dreaming about what you want to draw (this is me talking to myself here too) is only the start. The motivation and inspiration needs to take care of the rest, initiate the process, and actually let/make you work on it to bring it forth!

We have to train our minds to think like our spirits, do. I feel our intuition and our spirits know what we want (in our imaginations– when it’s working correctly, that is), but we have to train our bodies and minds to comply. It’s really hard! (P.S. When I say ‘working correctly’, I mean when our imaginations are ‘going wild’ in the positive, creative way; not in the sheltered, fearful, paranoid way…!) Even in the spiritual aspect, training your mind to think more purely like God is the absolute hardest thing, in and of itself. (For me, that’s very hard, too!) We may never get out exactly what we want to do– in our hearts and in our spirits and minds, not even physically– but we can always do our best and just try, try and try again!! 🙂

I’m trying to do a lot of cleaning out in terms of my files (images/pictures/drawings). Being a bit more organized, I want to develop more concrete plans for getting my comics/stories out there. It doesn’t mean anything if you’ve got a dozen great ideas that are just fuzzy memories, and no concrete stories to go with them! (At least, that’s how it feels to me.) Maybe I’ll make more ebooks or self-published materials… We’ll see.

Also, is anyone else excited & psyched for the new Manga Studio 5?!? Looks like we’ll finally be able to color in a Photoshop/Paint Tool Sai-like way! I hope they have more screentones, too… Guess I’ll need to upgrade my Manga Studio EX 4 soon… but I’ll probably wait till they make Manga Studio EX 5 this summer.