How ya livin’?

Hey, everyone! I've made some small changes to the main site (titles and icons-- and of course, this blog page is completely different lol). 🙂 Might as well with this pandemic, amirite? I hope you all are getting the proper rest and resources that you can. Stay healthy, okay? I'm learning my fair share of … Continue reading How ya livin’?

“New” site design!

Heya! If you haven't visited my site,, recently, I've updated it a bit. 🙂 Still need to fix some outdated links and such, but that'll be done in due time. Also need to update my portfolio/gallery, lol. But hope you like it, so far! 💓 (It's not that much of a difference, tbh. Haha) … Continue reading “New” site design!

Things are changing

What's up!? I've changed the format of the site's galley lately, and updated it with some new arts. (Also, got a new scanner! 💗🙌🎵) Not entirely sure of the direction my next comic should be in 🤔 So, mostly just practicing for now. Enjoy!