The Desire to Scratch

Healing wounds can be so itchy! While it takes the upmost resistance to scratch, doing so is the best method to continue the healing process. It is so easy to accidentally scratch the wounded area too hard and open up the skin to bacteria again. Thinking about this spiritually: it can be easy to try … Continue reading The Desire to Scratch

~The Spiritual (Video) Game of Life~

~The Spiritual (Video) Game of Life~   Level 1: On Sunday, I hit something on my way home and got a flat tire. Level 2: When I went to go get it fixed this morn (at the closest dealership), there was extra paperwork that needed to be re-done bc my VIN number was inputted wrong … Continue reading ~The Spiritual (Video) Game of Life~

Happy New Year! +11 pgs. of NKTR!

Heya, guys! Trying something new in 2016; I mean, doing more original stuff. Nekoturr's Realm: The Prelude! (pts. 1&2) Well, some of this was posted beforehand (in 2015 and beyond, lol), but I adjusted the story in the  meantime, and re-edited/redrew some pages (to make it more like the version I made in High … Continue reading Happy New Year! +11 pgs. of NKTR!