Thar she blows…!

Hey again! (There goes another ‘hiatus’/long break in between posts!)

During this almost-past year, I’ve discovered that God allows certain thing to happen for a reason. I am still discovering the reason ‘why’ on so many things, but in the meantime, I get constantly reassured to just keep on pressing on, and to see the light in every seemingly dark situation.

So… it’s interesting, yes.

Anyhow, I wanted to say how I finally updated my site a bit ago, organized some things… but… now my website isn’t working! lol -___- (Off go to fix that. Maybe it’ll be fixed by the time you read this xD (maybe not, lol)) Actually, it looks like it’s just the hosting site, itself, which is down… xD Might have to just wait it out, lol.

I updated the “Comics” page with some new-ish art… My publisher for “Mystery of the Black Water” is working on getting online orders for my (and others’) comics, so I can at least make that available for you too. πŸ™‚ Currently working on pt. 2 of that…

Still excited to see TJM (Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie)!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ (Next year, 2017!!)

I may go back to work on MSI (My Sweet Indulgence)… tbh, it was supposed to be a one-time thing, long ago… but it seems that people like it, so that’s cool!

I also want to work on/rewrite NKTR (Nekoturr’s Realm– I’ve already rewritten some of it); I feel like I’ve been saying that for the longest though… actions speak louder than words tho, yess? So, I just have to build up the courage and just do it! lol. But how to make it not so cliff-hangery all of the time, and give it some resolution in between…? Still working on that… xD

Spiritually-speaking, I have a lot to work on. Me and God need some serious one-on-one time to figure my heart out. But never stop believing! He has given me so many little gifts and encouragements… it’s super cool, actually! (To see God answer prayers on even the little things; even things I haven’t really overtly prayed about, but I needed it anyway.)

God is so cool πŸ™‚ Give Him a chance!

Again, still looking for the good in my dark situations, but as long as I don’t give up (and the temptation is really there), I know that He’ll guide me through.
I know some people have different beliefs, and that’s okay. That’s just where you are. But I believe in my God, not just because my parents believed it, or I read it out of a book, but He’s also something that I’ve experienced, first hand. I didn’t have strong faith for a while– and even now, it wavers from time to time (depending on my situation, but I need to work on that)– but once I finally ALLOWED God to change my heart, and trust in Him, I finally was ABLE to experience Him and some of his direct blessings. But without the trust, there was no way I would be feeling or knowing anything too soon. As stated before, I still have a lot to work on, but I’m hoping that God will work with me through my weaknesses. (And boy, do I have a lot of those!) Lol

Hope you guys are doing fine!! Live your life with no regrets!!

p.s. Oh!! I’m also trying to finish up, at least, the written version of Trunks’ Date. You can view it here!
p.p.s. Dragonball Super is super awesome!! lol (It’s gotten my inner, old-school-anime-fanatic self coming to life again, lol.)

Hey Arnold! returns! + personal goal stuff!

Yo, peoples! It’s been a while. (My blog/journal seems to always have these large gaps in the middle of posting, lol.) Sry. Real life, ya know. Anyways.

Life lately has been strange. A strange mix of events.

For the good news (if you haven’t already heard): Hey Arnold! is returning to Nickelodeon!!
Whooohoooo!!! (<–Honestly, this doesn’t fully express my excitement, because I’ve known about this for a while now, and have expressed it more fully in other places, lol.)
But what great news!! This was a group effort though. All of the fans, Craig, Nick, etc. After all of our hard work campaigning, and getting Nick’s attention… buying all of the merch that we could… finally… (It’s coming back as a T.V. movie for now (TJM!!), but maybe we’ll get another season or series if we’re patient and nice. πŸ™‚ (And if the movie does well in ratings/sales…)
Just goes to show you that you shouldn’t give up on something, if it’s something that you really want! Anything can happen! :)…

Which comes to my next problem. My personal art goals are all over the place, man. The TJM news is very inspiring, sure. It’s helped to bring me back into my writing/drawing mood. I’ve felt– for a long while– that I’ve just been doing stuff “for work” and not for me… bu that’s not how my art began as, you know? It later turned into just pleasing others via commissions or with companies. Sure, in order to have a job in art (or anything), you have to serve. But shouldn’t there be a balance if it’s your personal way of expression too? I’ve felt like I’ve given up multiple times on myself…
Although I used to blatantly tell myself that I would rather commit suicide than to give up on my dreams… well, after realizing that killing yourself would be sending you straight to hell, I opted out of that, but… I had already been dead, and been “killed”/ given up on the inside. That’s… just as bad, imo. Having no motivation, just living until you die. What kind of a life is that?

Secondly, I also want to honor God with my art/comics/stories. But just having a heck of a time in figuring out how. The way things are currently going… well… it just seems that things are going veryyyy slow. I have many stories in my head, but there’s no way that I’ll be able to finish them all if things continue like the way they are now. I just need to do something… different… I don’t know what that looks like yet. But I’ll figure it out, hopefully.

Thirdly, I just feel a sense of overwhelming guilt in not finishing my fancomic, Trunks’ Date. I really don’t feel the motivation to finish it (right now, at least). But I just feel guilty about it. Is that a good, bad or neutral thing? Other comic/art professionals I’ve talked to have told me that I shouldn’t do it anymore. I do understand their position. I feel guilty for giving it up, since it’s gone on for so long, and I want to move on to my personal, original art/stories more, but… maybe there’s an off-chance that I could go back to finish it once I get my original art-life in order more?

I am just out of balance, in general.

But such is life in figuring out how to live. Also, just trying to be more grateful for my friends and family– because you never know what might happen tomorrow. I want to prepare my soul for death, even if that does seem a bit morbid. but really, that’s just reality. You never know…
I’ve seen too many deaths happen this year– either to people I’ve worked with, knew offhandedly, or knew of friends’ relatives who have passed away. Sometimes suddenly, sometimes they knew it beforehand. But, the result is still the same: it just made me realize how short our lives can be, and how much we (I) take it for granted, sometimes. I want to live with no regrets. I also want to die with no regrets. I just have to continually ask myself (and really see this as my reality)– what would I like to accomplish if today/tomorrow/a week from now was my last day? What would be more important for me?

It’s not even having money, or being ‘successful’ which would be most important; but the depth in how much you loved others, your relationships, is what I think will be all that matters in the end. (My relationship with God is number one, and then my relationships with others, afterward.) How much did I love others, and honor/love God in doing so? So, instead of being in a defaultly selfish mode (as per the usual), I have these things to figure out. Because– as stated before– you just never know.
On my death bed, I would like to think that I “did my best.” But I have a long way to go.

Grown-up Geek– (Rhonda with glasses)


Randomly got inspired to draw a grown-up Rhonda w/glasses πŸ˜€ I think she looks cute! Funny how nowadays glasses aren’t such a big deal (at least, when you grow up).
Sketchy McSketch-sketch! πŸ˜€ (Ignore my bad lettering in the bg, lol.) Also, eyebrows?!

Arnie and Arnold sketch (my style) — Hey Arnold!

Also on DA:
“Just thought I’d try out…
It’s summertime; they’re both eating popsicles, and Arnie’s looking at his own version of a locket, with Helga’s picture in it. XD Meanwhile, Arnold’s like, ‘What the heck are you doing, man?’…
((But maybe he’s secretly jealous…))

The day we met Craig Bartlett- 6/29/2013

It was awesomeeee!!! Craig Bartlett’s the creator of Hey Arnold! My favorite (American) cartoon, ever!! (More details in my video, above.) It was such an honor and pleasure to meet him! It was also wonderful to be able to meet such great fans of the show who understand you XD haha. All in all, it was a wonderful day, despite my troubles of getting there and back… πŸ™‚

HA! TJM- Continue Onward To Victory! Plus, Pepper Ann-ness!


Description from DA:

“This is to encourage the fandom, and to remind myself of the following… Though we have 15,000+ signatures on the petition, have Hey Arnold! DVDs, have HA! airing on TeenNick, and although Craig Bartlett is working for Nickelodeon again (big step if you ask me!), we still have quite a ways to go! So continue onward until we get our movie!! (And after that too ^^) This is no time to get comfortable, but push on till we get TJM (also possibly The Pataki’s and a 6th season if we’re nice ^^; )!!
Just keep on fighting the good fight, and do everything you can to get the word out to Nick that we (people/kids of all ages) would like to see The Jungle Movie!! πŸ™‚ Give us a conclusion to a great show, Nick! (Pretty, pretty pleeaaseeee!!?)
That’s all :XD: πŸ˜€ Also, I’m excited for the 15,000 sigs in general :D!! Continue onward!! πŸ˜€

Done in Prismacolor Colored pencils and Copic/ Prismacolor markers!

…Gerald with a machete? I don’t know; this is just how it was in my mind, LOL… >3>
They are kind of separated from the background/running in their own dimension/space…”

Hmm, my gallery looks kind of uneven! Need to make more originals… (well, I have one more fanart on the way though XD)

P.S. I have been re-watching Pepper Ann (a lot!) recently! It’s really good! XD Just as good, if not better, than what I remember XD. Like Hey Arnold!, it gets better with age, because you get the little jokes you didn’t notice before as a kid… (though I was in 7th grade when she was in 7th grade!… though it ran like three years or something, lol). Of course, it will never take the place that HA! has in my heart, but still, it’s a very good cartoon! πŸ˜€
(Well, guess what the fanart I’m drawing is then…)

Thank goodness for Youtube, because they aren’t on DVD yet… 😦 (or else, I would totally buy them!) Also waiting for Goof Troop to come out on DVD!! πŸ˜€ Can’t wait! πŸ˜€ *isadork*

Though, my favorite episode was when she went bra-shopping with her mom, LOL (I could relate at the time).
Unfortunately, they don’t air that episode anymore!! *Sob* But I found it n YT πŸ˜€ lol…

That’s all now. XD
P.P.S.- My ship of Pepper Ann/Milo is a star-crossed and ill-fated one… ಑_಑