Thar she blows…!

Hey again! (There goes another 'hiatus'/long break in between posts!) During this almost-past year, I've discovered that God allows certain thing to happen for a reason. I am still discovering the reason 'why' on so many things, but in the meantime, I get constantly reassured to just keep on pressing on, and to see the … Continue reading Thar she blows…!

Leslie, It’s Cold Outside

(Also on DA!) Inspired by our weather's recent cold-ness?... Why... no way... 😛 XP Haha, yes, well... It's really true that if you don't use it, you lose it! I haven't done a regular watercolor/ marker/ colored pencil illustration in forever! So, this is just practice! 😮 I had it in my head a completely … Continue reading Leslie, It’s Cold Outside

A w.i.p. (work-in-progress) and such

Hey, guys! So... I've been 'gone' for a while (in terms of internet uploading of my art) because I've been: 1. Working on projects that are supposed to be published, so I can't show them prematurely. 2. Working on W.I.P.'s in terms of story, so there's nothing much to see anyways. 3. Been really uninspired … Continue reading A w.i.p. (work-in-progress) and such

Update: Good (and bad) news

Looks like I'll be published by these guys: 😀 (Yay, I'm mentioned on the front page-- it's official! lols.) It'll be my "Mystery of the Black Water" story. 😀 So, I hope you guys like it! ^3^ Won't be till next year though... lols. I'll keep ya posted! Here's another character from that story-- Elfanzo-- … Continue reading Update: Good (and bad) news