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Hello! I have some links for you all!

Here’s where you can buy “One-Shot!” on

Also, the 20-page  comic I did with Sean Michael Wilson is compiled with his other comic works in a huge 220 page book– and only for $2.99! Check it out if you can!
Located here:
Our part is on pages 42-62. ^^

I want to work on another two comics– one for a contest/regular submission, and one as a normal submission for serialization. But… it’s actually one that I did already! I need to revamp/rewrite it though (probably will redraw it too). Actually… it might be three comics… we’ll see, lol. Orz… will be busy! I’ll try to find something to actually post though!

“Targeting Israeli Apartheid: A BDS Handbook” with Sean Michael Wilson and Corporate Watch (and me!)

Kind of old news, but I’d just been able to find the link on their site! I did a comic with Seán Michael Wilson and Corporate Watch a longggg time ago (well, 2010-2011, but still) about Palestine.

Check it out! (It’s free online. :))

If you download the pdf., the comic can be found at the following pages:
PDF Page #/ Actual Book Page #- Title
46/32- Fruits of Apartheid
134/120- The Wall Against the Bedouin
145/159- Bil’in
285/271- The National Jewish Fund
357/343- Boycott Divestment and Sanctions

I remember being super-excited for this project, but I was finishing up school at the same time, so it was a bit hard to keep up with deadlines, lol. Hopefully, next time will be better!

Also, a page is featured here too…:

I just thought it was cool! >3<