TD 171-172 + DBZ Games

Moooooore! Soooo glad that Dragonball Xenoverse is coming out on Steam, as I have no Next-Gen systems (unless you count my nephew and niece's Wii U, lolz)! Yay! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Between that and buying Majora's Mask and a 3DS, well... my wallet is not gonna like me very much in February! (But that's tax … Continue reading TD 171-172 + DBZ Games

Finally done with my submission!!

PHEW! I'm finally done submitting my comic for the contest I was entering in Japan... I hope it went through okay... I hope they like it!! And well... if they don't, at least I can say that I tried my best... But I will keep hoping/praying that they do, LOL. Anywho, that has been my … Continue reading Finally done with my submission!!

Cover of ‘Sense’ (in progress) + fav movies!

Here's the in-progress cover for 'Sense!' It's taking forever though. (Oh my gosh-- my Photoshop file says I created it in Dec 2010?!?!?! Too freakishly long! lol) I didn't realize it was that long, lol! Wow, I really need to get it done and out of the way! It's actually colored more than this; I … Continue reading Cover of ‘Sense’ (in progress) + fav movies!